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The Client

One of the world's largest bank and financial service companies currently operating with a presence in 77 countries globally.

The Challenge

Create a best-in-class user experience to help this new product make a dent on a crowded market.


The Project

This major European bank had a department which is specifically dedicated to the management of their clients’ securities, offering a wide range of financial solutions from custody to clearing. In 2016, they decided to build a new collateral management solution to take advantage of a gap in the market.


My Role

As a interaction design lead, I structured and performed the user research and needs identification in a complex ecosystem - as collateral management can be. I set  the design principles for the product and created a process that allowed for continuous testing and iteration of the UX while making sure it fed parallel work streams that used waterfall approaches. This was the main challenge of this project: articulating the work of 4 designers to a team of more than 100 consultants and developers across France and India. This called for constant adaptation, clarity in communication and world-class design expertise.


The Result

We designed and built a product which provided a world-class user experience, a sales argument that helped our client gain significant market share a few weeks after launch.


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