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Crypto Exchange Reboot

A historical exchange platform is currently undergoing a reboot. They wanted a fresh new look for their UI, along with an idea of how relevant their offering was with a new breed of crypto traders.

This project mobilized two set of skills: UI design - communicate a fresh look for a historical product - and product/market fit - assess how relevant the new platform's value proposition is.


Differentiation by design

One of the key success metrics of this project is to assess the viability of the product/market fit. Having chosen a very specific angle to stand out in a crowded market, this platform made a strong choice: they deliberately accepted not to serve everybody, but only the most advanced traders, on the hunt for the next successful alt coin.

Testing how well the current platform supports this profile is then critical to its success. Everything stems from it: from the feature set to the visual aspect we want to communicate.

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