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Designing a luxury experience for a brick-and-mortar channel

​The Challenge

This luxury brand had just started to build their brick-and-mortar shops for their Perfume and Jewellery division when they realised they needed serious thought to convey the brand value in store. That's where we came in.

The Project

Their current sales channels had failed at conveying their brand value, hence the new brick-and-mortar stores. This brand wanted full control over the experience they promised, and we designed the tools and services to deliver on it. 

My Role

As engagement lead, I shaped and sold the project. I was also in charge of maintaining the design direction, adjusting the team in function of the needs of the project and making sure we met our clients’ high expectations. I made sure the designers were always inspired, gave them feedback when needed and managed the client relationship in order to build a sustainable collaboration.


We wove 14 digital concepts into a consistent experience, cresting a touch of magic and mystery in a journey that could not be less than exceptional. We fully prototyped one of the concept with the help of a technology lab and got to deploy it worldwide.

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