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Elevating customer experience for seamless brand experience across multiple channels and geographies.

The Client

An internationally-acclaimed luxury brand known for signature monogrammed handbags & luggage, plus chic apparel.

The Challenge

This venerable company was struggling with different sales channels, each with its own specificity and idiosyncrasies. This created disjointed customer experiences, something barely acceptable for a brand which prides itself on the quality of its products. This client then wanted a comprehensive channel strategy to make sure it provided the same luxury experience whether you’re in a store in Dubai, New York or when you’re shopping online or checking the latest luxury influencer on Instagram.

The Project

For such a strategic endeavour, service design provides the best answer. Early on, we understood that we needed to create digital products that will translate the brand values in the experience, for both staff and clients.

A 12-week project, with observations all across America, two design workshop led in London and New York and a final restitution of 5 key concepts to the board.

My Role

The team comprised was a blend of 6 retail experts and designers. I was one of the 2 service designers on the team. We drove the interview process, prepared and supported the execution of both workshops and co-designed the final 5 concepts that were presented to the executive committee.


A significant improvement in pre-sales customer engagement, the result of a multi-year program to develop 2 of the concepts specifically aimed at immersing the customer in the brand universe.

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