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PreoptimaBuilding is a platform that helps architects assess the carbon impact of their designs. Preoptima needed a complete overall of the user experience to make sure that the product interactions exceeded the high expectations the building industry have. One objective in mind: land on a perfect product/market fit and help Preoptima achieve its customer acquisition objectives.

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Design in complexity

This project came with a lot of expectations. Not only was the industry knowledge a necessary part of understanding user needs, but speed was an essential component of its success.

Rapid prototyping was key in allowing us to manage the inherent complexity of a great, but demanding product, while making progress towards a clean, desirable interface.


Paper-based mock-up and sketches allowed for a fast ramp up, while creating valuable conversations between experts. Quickly moving to Figma for wireframing allowed the team to build a prototype that embodied the core value proposition, simplified to its core, while surfacing the most valuable features of the product. 

Speed, agility, learning by doing: all essential components of my approach to interaction design.

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