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Primary Industries

Redefining the sales and delivery process from price modelling, to fast delivery and AI led sales conversations, to enable better international trade of dairy products to China.

This client in one of the biggest company in New Zealand, a dairy cooperative that managed to take over the world in less than 15 years. Taking advantage of New Zealand’s pristine environment, their dairy production is well-known for its quality, making it the largest diary exporter in the world.

The Challange

This client is committed to providing China with trusted dairy goodness and the B2B business had set lofty sales target for its online sales department. They came to us with a question: how do we make this happen?

The Project

Our task was to help them move from very manual processes to the next phase of B2B eCommerce and help them make a bigger dent first in the Chinese market, then all over the world.

After a successful service design piece – one which took us to talk to customers all around China and South East Asia, we came up with 6 service concepts to get NZMP to raise the stakes online. From price modelling, to fast delivery and AI-enabled sales conversations, our concepts embraced the whole sales process to deliver massive additional margin in the next 5 years.

We swiftly transitioned to digital product design to build 2 MVPs and test them directly with Chinese customers. As important, we managed to change the way this client designed and built their digital solutions, easing them into agile delivery, fast iterations and a constant obsession with customer value.

My Role

As service and interaction lead, I created the design process that allowed us to capture customer insights in China and South East Asia and design service concepts that changed the way this client now operates.

I also led the design of each of the MVP, successfully ensuring the transition between high-level value concepts and their tangible expression in working code. Through constant prototyping, remote testing with China and SEA, and proper understanding of the technical constraints we were facing, we managed to release 2 successful products 6 times faster that this client used to.

The Result

Today, these products are alive and kicking and reached their goals: improve the efficiency of sales delivery and dramatically improve customer satisfaction. This is now an area where this client is now leading the pack. At least, that's what their customers day!

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